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The High Country Eco Green

Businesses Contributing to Eco Green in The High Country, Victoria Australia

The High Country in Victoria, Australia, is a beautiful and breathtaking region that is home to a vast array of flora and fauna. Unfortunately, over the years, the exploitation of natural resources has led to significant environmental degradation and loss of wildlife habitats.

However, over the past few years, many businesses in The High Country have taken it upon themselves to become environmentally conscious and have started to adopt sustainable practices. These businesses aim to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the conservation of the natural environment.

In this article, we will highlight some of the businesses in The High Country, Victoria, that have invested in sustainable practices, categorize them accordingly, and enumerate the benefits of each organization.

1. Agriculture/Farming

a) Alpine Angus

Alpine Angus is a cattle breeding operation that aims to produce high-quality Angus cattle using sustainable practices. They implement rotational grazing and restorative land practices to foster healthy grasslands, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and promote soil health. This initiative has led to the production of beef that is healthier, tastier, and has a low carbon footprint.

Contact Information –

Address: PO Box 74, Rosewhite, VIC 3737
Phone: 0437 452 090

b) Moyhu Farmers Market

The Moyhu Farmers Market is a community-run market that promotes local, sustainable, and organic produce. The market encourages consumers to buy fresh produce from local growers to reduce the carbon footprint caused by transportation. The Farmers market fosters an atmosphere that supports the local community, provides an avenue for farmers to sell their produce, and helps consumers eat healthily.

Contact Information –

Address: King George V Gardens, Moyhu VIC 3732
Phone: 0423 956 077

2. Hospitality

a) Villa Gusto

Villa Gusto is a luxury accommodation facility that operates based on sustainable policies. The luxury facility was constructed with recycled materials for minimum environmental impact. The Villa uses solar energy for its power needs, harvests water and grows its organic produce on-site. The initiative helps to cut down on carbon emissions through energy efficiency and water conservation practices.

Contact Information –

Address: 269 Myrtleford - Yackandandah Rd, Stanley VIC 3747
Phone: (03) 5728 2580

b) Providence Farm

Providence Farm is a restaurant that serves delicious food using fresh and organic farm produce grown on-site. It emphasizes the use of locally sourced produce to reduce the carbon footprint created through the transportation of food. Hygiene and environmental sustainability are crucial concerns of the restaurant.

Contact Information –

Address: 700 Morses Creek Rd, Wandiligong VIC 3744
Phone: (03) 5755 2475

3. Accommodation

a) Boathouses of Bright

The Boathouses of Bright is a luxury accommodation facility that uses innovative design and eco-friendly building practices. The boathouse has a living roof, a passive solar design, and timber from renewable plantations. Guests get to enjoy the luxurious and comfortable experience while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Contact Information –

Address: 14-16 Ireland St, Bright VIC 3741
Phone: (03) 5472 4700

b) Blue Green Algae Motel

The Blue Green Algae Motel operates using solar energy and practices sustainable waste management. The motel uses rainwater storage tanks to reduce water consumption, and it also has energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Contact Information –

Address: 242 Great Alpine Road, Harrietville, VIC 3741
Phone: (03) 5759 2524

4. Retail

a) Bright Foodworks

Bright Foodworks is a supermarket that encourages customers to use reusable bags and offers discounts for customers who do so. The supermarket has a recycling program in place for plastics, paper, and glass. It also promotes the sale of products that have low carbon footprints and are environmentally friendly.

Contact Information –

Address: 31 Ireland St, Bright, VIC 3741
Phone: (03) 5755 1111

b) The Little Shoe Box

The Little Shoe Box is a retail shop that recycles packaging materials and uses recyclable bags. The shop also stocks sustainable brands of clothing, shoes, and bags that are eco-friendly to promote the adoption of sustainable fashion.

Contact Information –

Address: 5 Ireland St, Bright, VIC 3741
Phone: (03) 5755 2002


Sustainable practices by businesses in The High Country, Victoria, not only conserve the environment but also lead to significant financial savings over time. It is thus a win-win situation for businesses and the environment. The businesses mentioned in this article are just some of the many organisations in the region that have embarked on sustainable practices. We encourage the support of these businesses in promoting a green future.

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